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Technology advances, the push for workflow efficiency, and a labor capacity shortage are all driving increased demand for automation.  Industrial automation is a cost-effective and universal way to meet these business challenges.  Our traditional Timesavers wood and metal finishing systems have served the market for years as fixed automation solutions, saving our customers time, labor, and cost.  We are pleased to announce the introduction of Timesavers Automation with a  focus on solving the next generation of industrial automation applications for our customers with a portfolio of solutions around:

  • Material Handling
  • Part Tending
  • Custom Solution Needs

Timesavers Automation is here to work with you on your next generation of industrial automation needs, from concept to delivery of turnkey automation solutions integrating material handling, robotics, and finishing systems.  Timesavers Automation solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of you, our customer. We combine our best-in-class finishing technology, our veteran sales and engineering teams, and the newest industrial automation technologies and systems to create high-value and quality solutions to fit your specific needs, helping overall to save time, reallocate your labor, and increase efficiency!

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We take our expertise and partner with the best material handling and robotic automation solution providers in the nation to produce flexible and safe solutions for a wide range of industrial automation applications.


Our automation integrations start adding value on day 1 and have a short ROI time horizon.


Timesavers Automation is built on a 75-year foundation of Timesavers experience in manufacturing, you can rely on our experts to partner with you from concept through the project, including post-installation, preventative maintenance, and service-related support long into the future. Timesavers Automation dedicates our time and resources to partner with you, our customers, to ensure that you get the right solution, running at its finest!


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Part Tending


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